Sudden Fury | Original Soundtrack (1998)


Sudden Fury | Original Soundtrack

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Sudden Fury | Original Soundtrack

Now available: the complete, ferocious soundtrack to the 1998 British feature film by director Darren Ward. Music composed by François Evans. Mixed at Strongroom Studios, London. Mastered with composer notes in a glossy 8-page full-colour booklet. Over 1 hour and 15 minutes of music.

Limited to a first-run of 500 CD copies. Choose between cellophane-wrapped, or autographed by the composer!

CD includes two, exclusive, bonus tracks, not available on the Deluxe Digital Album.

Makes the hairs on my arms stand up
Darren Ward, Director

a great score, all moody, ambient synths and pounding bass beats, which offset the stylish bloodletting superbly.
Rob Daniel, Samhain magazine


Track List

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1.Giallo Films Ident00:13
2.You F*ed it Up (Part 1)03:01
3.You F*ed it Up (Part 2)01:04
4.Main Title: Sudden Fury02:50
5.Randall’s Plan01:25
6.Pike’s Little Lesson03:44
7.Our Best Opportunity00:24
8.Then We’re All Dead00:18
9.Walter Tries to be Nice00:16
10.Just Get My Money Ready00:44
11.How Does it Feel Walker?00:32
12.This is Where it Ends (Part 1)06:30
13.This is Where it Ends (Part 2)02:00
15.Summoned to Randall01:06
16.Massacre at the Harris Household04:34
17.I’d Do it All Again in a Second00:21
18.The Abduction of Alex00:46
21.The Last F*ing Thing You Ever See01:22
22.Up the Crack00:59
23.F*ing Whore04:44
24.Walker Psyches Up for the Kill00:57
25.Walker Storms the Plant05:13
26.Play it Safe, It Could be Walker03:03
27.Memory Jolt00:41
28.Marcus Loses His Guts00:46
29.Walker Finds Alex /Sudden Fury Theme Reprise04:15
30.The Powder01:33
31.Walker & Jimmy F* Them Over04:14
21.Down to You & Me01:08
33.Lennox’s Lot00:59
34.Walker & Lennox Take Care of Each Other04:34
35.Walker, Won’t You Ever F*ing Die?00:33
36.Car Chase01:31
37.Coach & Horses (outtake)02:10Bonus track!
(Available on CD version only.)
38.Main Title: Sudden Fury (Demo Version)02:45Bonus track!
(Available on CD version only.)


INCLUDES:Free Digital £0.00Deluxe Digital £6.00Cellophaned CD £16.00Autographed CD £20.00
10 x mp3 tracks @ 128kbpsGreen Tick(included)(included)(included)
All tracks in wav, aiff or flac, plus 128kbps mp3Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
Hi-res album art PDFGreen TickGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
5 x exclusive soundtrack ringtonesGreen TickGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
Gallery of production stillsGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
DVD cover images galleryGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
Exclusive 19'44 audio interview with the composerGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
Limited, first-edition CD with 16-page full-colour booklet featuring director's and composer's notes. (Only 500 copies available.)Green TickGreen Tick
Two bonus tracksGreen TickGreen Tick
Above CD personally signed by François Evans for your collectionGreen Tick

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