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Sudden Fury | Original Soundtrack

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Sudden Fury | Original Soundtrack

Now available: the complete soundtrack to the 1998 British feature film by director Darren Ward. Music composed by François Evans. Mixed at Strongroom Studios, London. Remastered with composer notes in a glossy 8-page full-colour booklet. Over 1 hour and 15 minutes of music.

Limited to a first-run of 500 CD copies. Choose between cellophane-wrapped, or autographed by the composer!

CD includes two, exclusive, bonus tracks, not available on the Deluxe Digital Album.

Makes the hairs on my arms stand up
Darren Ward, Director

a great score, all moody, ambient synths and pounding bass beats, which offset the stylish bloodletting superbly.
Rob Daniel, Samhain magazine

FORMATVERSION10 x mp3 tracks @ 128 kbpsAll album tracks in high-quality WAV, AIFF or FLAC, + 128 kbps mp3300dpi High-resolution PDF of album art5 x Soundtrack RingtonesCD with full-colour bookletIncluded Extras
DIGITALFree Download• Gallery of production stills
DIGITALDeluxe Digital• Gallery of production stills
• Rare DVD cover images gallery
• Exclusive 19'44 audio interview with the composer
CDCellophaned• Gallery of production stills
• Rare DVD cover images gallery
• Two bonus tracks
• Exclusive 19'44 audio interview with the composer
CDAutographed• Gallery of production stills
• Rare DVD cover images gallery
• Two bonus tracks
• Exclusive 19'44 audio interview with the composer
• CD personally signed by François Evans

Certified Original

Get the exclusive CD for your collection before they sell out!

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Track List

1.Giallo Films Ident00:13
2.You F*ed it Up (Part 1)03:01
3.You F*ed it Up (Part 2)01:04
4.Main Title: Sudden Fury02:50
5.Randall’s Plan01:25
6.Pike’s Little Lesson03:44
7.Our Best Opportunity00:24
8.Then We’re All Dead00:18
9.Walter Tries to be Nice00:16
10.Just Get My Money Ready00:44
11.How Does it Feel Walker?00:32
12.This is Where it Ends (Part 1)06:30
13.This is Where it Ends (Part 2)02:00
15.Summoned to Randall01:06
16.Massacre at the Harris Household04:34
17.I’d Do it All Again in a Second00:21
18.The Abduction of Alex00:46
21.The Last F*ing Thing You Ever See01:22
22.Up the Crack00:59
23.F*ing Whore04:44
24.Walker Psyches Up for the Kill00:57
25.Walker Storms the Plant05:13
26.Play it Safe, It Could be Walker03:03
27.Memory Jolt00:41
28.Marcus Loses His Guts00:46
29.Walker Finds Alex /Sudden Fury Theme Reprise04:15
30.The Powder01:33
31.Walker & Jimmy F* Them Over04:14
21.Down to You & Me01:08
33.Lennox’s Lot00:59
34.Walker & Lennox Take Care of Each Other04:34
35.Walker, Won’t You Ever F*ing Die?00:33
36.Car Chase01:31
37.Coach & Horses (outtake)02:10Bonus track!
(Available on CD version only.)
38.Main Title: Sudden Fury (Demo Version)02:45Bonus track!
(Available on CD version only.)

Beware! The first 500 First-Edition Sudden Fury CDs hold a deliberate, unique, subliminal spine link to François Evans’s soundtrack to Game Over.


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