Game Over: Original Soundtrack


Game Over | Original Soundtrack

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Game Over | Original Soundtrack

Here at last is one of the quirkiest, catchiest electronic British thriller film scores ever written.

Composed, arranged, performed and produced by François Evans, this disc features 39 tracks which gradually change from humourous, to extremely dark, in glorious stereo. Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering Studios, Berlin.

The CD comes with a 8-page, full-colour booklet containing film score notes by the composer.

Limited to a first-run of 500 x CD copies. Choose between cellophane-wrapped, or autographed by the composer!

Track List

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1.Opéra Expressioniste01:57
2.The Club I00:56
3.The Tax Inspectors01:42
4.The Romance Pill00:47
5.Let the Game Begin00:20
6.The Club II01:32
7.Love Arrives03:39
8.The Club III00:36
9.The Club IV02:07
10.We’ll Catch You00:17
11.Good Morning Diary01:45
12.Shut in the Lift01:14
13.The Club V03:51
14.Tax Troubles00:39
15.Teasing the Waitress (part 1)05:21
16.Teasing the Waitress (part 2)00:27
17.The Club VI01:55
18.Colonic Irrigation01:56
19.The Club VII01:35
20.Tim Spies00:30
21.Selling Grandma00:40
22.Bead Spies00:13
23.The Club VIII00:23
24.A Pillar of Society01:35
25.Justice Spies00:11
26.'Phoning Father01:36
27.The Guests Arrive02:39
29.Cheers to the Graveyard01:54
30.I Feel Lonely – Off to the Midnight Party02:03
31.How the Waltz is Done00:32
33.Her Best Friend01:05
34.Try Not to Die00:27
35.Women Have Become the New Men00:54
36.The Death of Love02:08
37.Is That You?02:01
38.Death of Daisy & Tim01:56
Still Not Enough00:46

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10 x mp3 tracks @ 128kbpsGreen Tick(included)(included)(included)
4 x archive studio imagesGreen TickGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
Soundtrack ringtonesx7x21x21x21
All tracks in wav, aiff or flac, plus 128kbps mp3Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
Hi-res album art PDFGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
Exclusive 3'42 mp4 video of unique, abstract psychedelic images generated by the track 'Confessional'Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
Limited, first-edition CD with 8-page full-colour booklet featuring composer's notes. (Only 500 copies available.)Green TickGreen Tick
Above CD personally signed by François Evans for your collectionGreen Tick


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